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About Mallory A. Stechishin, DDS

Dr. Stechishin provides high-quality, personalized care to each and every patient who comes to our office! She always makes sure patients feel relaxed and comfortable, and that they are properly informed and educated about their treatment options. Born in Michigan, Dr. Stechishin was raised and finished high school in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She then completed her Bachelor of Science Undergraduate education at the University of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, and went on to attend Emory University School of Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia. She then practiced for one year before moving to California in 1987. Dr. Stechishin was an associate for 2 years in San Jose before opening the first practice of her own. She faithfully served the Silicon Valley community from 1990-2013 and specialized in providing Cosmetic, General, and Family Dentistry. Then, in 2013, she opened an office in Carmel, CA, which she still runs to this day! In 2008 she started another private practice in Indian Wells, CA, with an emphasis placed on Geriatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Veneers, and Teeth Whitening. In mid-2019, she sold her Indian Wells location and began practicing in our wonderful Ft. Bragg community! Dr. Stechishin has lived in Los Gatos, California since 1987 with her husband Stefan Kowalow, and having no children has allowed them to travel to various regions of the great state of California, enriching their lives and clinical experience. When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Stechishin loves horses and horse racing (she owns thoroughbreds and is a California-licenced thoroughbred owner). In her free time, she also enjoys swimming, scuba diving, tennis, golf, art, music, and especially international travel!

Dead Tooth FAQs

What To Know About A Dead Tooth
What is a dead tooth?
A dead tooth is a commonly used phrase for a tooth that has lost its blood flow and nerve function. Other terms for this condition include non-vital, pulpless, or necrotic teeth.
What causes it?
A dead tooth can occur whenever the tooth pulp becomes compromised.

The structure

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Experiencing Jaw Pain?

Jaw Pain May Have Several Causes
Sometimes jaw pain is just temporary. You may have over-used the muscles while chewing hard food, or even just slept on that side in an awkward position. Other times, however, chronic jaw pain can be a symptom of something more. It could be a problem associated with your TMJ

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Tooth Stains: What Foods Cause Them?

Your favorite food and drink may be causing tooth stains.
For most of us, tooth stains are a continuous battle. The best way to keep teeth white is to brush and floss twice a day. Then, make sure you see a dentist regularly for preventative checkups and cleanings (usually recommended every six months).

As well as

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Asthma and Your Mouth

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have asthma, make sure you are aware of the implications for your mouth. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, consider scheduling an exam, cleaning, and X-rays at Mallory A Stechishin, DDS. We’ll give you a complete dental checkup and evaluation of

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Tooth Sensitivity

Is Tooth Sensitivity Causing Problems?
Find Treatment for Tooth Pain and Discomfort
Tooth sensitivity can be a recurring issue that results in pain or discomfort when eating the foods you love! Don’t live with the irritation and sensitivity any longer. Call (707) 964-5616 for a consultation.

Tooth sensitivity may have several different causes, but it’s usually due

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Pacifier Teeth

Babies and Toddlers May Develop “Pacifier Teeth”
Problems can result from comforting habits.
Pacifier Teeth, a dental condition that affects babies and toddlers, can be the result of either too much thumb-sucking or pacifier use. We all know that babies love sucking on their bottles, pacifiers, and even their thumbs. But, if it goes on too

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Calcium is Crucial

For Healthy Teeth and Bones
Calcium is especially important for children and new mothers.
Dentally speaking, calcium is one of the essential nutrients. When we eat food that’s high in calcium, it benefits both teeth and bones. It makes sure children’s teeth develop correctly, and ensures that new mothers have enough nourishment for their babies during

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Sleep Apnea Causes & Solutions

Sleep Apnea FAQs
What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?
The most commonly recognized symptom of sleep apnea is snoring during the night. While snoring can be mildly annoying or even humorous, other implications can be much more serious. During sleep apnea, there is often an interruption in sleep patterns due to obstruction of the airway.

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Bad Breath Embarrassment

Do you have bad breath?
It’s more than just embarrassing.
Having bad breath is more than just an embarrassment; it can be a sign of health problems. If you or a family member have chronic bad breath (halitosis), or if you notice a sudden change, then contact our office for a consultation. You may be experiencing

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Sterilization: Protecting Our Patients

Sterilization Limits Exposure to Germs and Bacteria
During regular day to day life, germs and bacteria typically get a bad rap. When sterilization gets taken too far, we’re missing out on the benefits of a healthy and tested immune system.

However, when it comes to dentistry and any medical facility, nothing could be further from the

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